Some time ago right before his gig he heard a guy saying that breakbeat is dead, Tilo just smiled and proved that he couldn’t be more wrong. Born in Gdynia on the Polish seaside in 1988 r. He has inherited his passion to music after his father who was a drummer. As a child he came into contact with a variety of instrumental music. In the primary school he fell in love in rap music, which he respects till now. In his search for the music ideal, he learned new species and found his Mecca in the various energetic and psychedelic sounds of BREAKBEAT, nowadays with a hint of space depth. He is inspired by the city where he was born and where he lives now. His gigs are always spicy, just like the food he loves the most.

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  • Client:John Doe
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    • After Effects
    • Cubase
    • Sound Forge
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